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A strategic solution for everyone

Site managers aren’t the only ones who will find Optimizer helpful. It is designed for people at every level in the company and in every field of expertise. This means that our solution will help every department at your site supervise its activity and monitor its own KPIs.

Top management can consolidate statistics into a general overview of the site’s operations to fine-tune its strategy and minimize risks. This can also be very useful in their dealings with shareholders.

The teams tasked with improving performance have accurate indicators to step up the site’s cost-efficiency.

Procurement departments also use our solution to optimize inventory and cut unnecessary costs. Optimizer’s consumption analysis, for example, helps them to avoid product shortages and improve delivery timeframes.

Optimizing lubricant management and monitoring vehicle cycles also improves maintenance efficiency. Smarter maintenance scheduling reduces breakdowns and increases vehicle availability. On the operations side that means more production, which leads to higher profits.

Our solution also significantly enhances site safety by lowering the risk of accidents (eco-driving) and reducing theft. Optimizer provides a detailed view of every aspect of site management, adding up to a strategic tool that covers all of your requirements.