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Optimizer is a field-tested solution

Optimizer is now up and running in numerous production operations around the world, and its compelling results are prompting us to market our solution in every industry sector. Our goal is to support sites that want to reduce their energy costs without investing heavily in complex systems.

Our experience shows that the companies that trust us are seeing significant savings, ranging from 4% to 7% on average on their fuel, lubricants and electricity consumption.

Customer Testimonial
Customer Testimonial

Testimonial of a site manager

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What our customers are saying

"Thanks to Optimizer's team, we can take advantage of all the data that we had so much trouble analyzing."

General Manager

"Optimizer's tools allow me to monitor my contractors activity and to negotiate contracts based on factual operational data."

Mining Manager

"Thanks to Optimizer's team I have saved 2 days of work on a fraud investigation."


Security Manager

"Optimizer gives me the means to measure and assess the efficiency of our energy-saving plans."

Performance Manager

"The Optimizer team has been very impressive with delivering quality outcomes on schedule."

Maintenance Manager

"This monitoring system is a tool I can use on a daily basis, this is both simple and detailed."

Commercial Manager