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Identifying opportunities to save

Réduire vos dépenses de consommation
Réduire vos dépenses de consommation

At TotalEnergies, we also manage complex industrial operations entailing a wide variety of costs (including fuel, lubricants, and power), different types of vehicles and machinery, and numerous subcontractors. We know that keeping costs aligned with budgets while juggling all these moving parts is tough.

Our answer to all of these concerns, Optimizer, uses big-data technology to centralize information, filter the most relevant indicators and highlight possible savings. Managers at sites using Optimizer today have reported 4 to 7%* savings on their energy consumption. Try our simulator to estimate how much Optimizer can save for you.

Another way that you can save money with Optimizer is by monitoring your subcontractors’ activities and showing them hard data when you negotiate contracts with them. It also includes an effective and customizable alert system to help you track fuel theft. Our solution can also point you to the companies, vehicles or machines that are overconsuming, so that you can cut your costs swiftly and easily.

* estimate based on average savings reported by our customers

Rapid return on investment

Optimizer is cost-competitive because the upfront investment is low. You can view your dashboard on a website, so you don’t need any costly hardware for the initial setup. This means the system will be up and running fast, and we handle maintenance and updates remotely without requiring any particular expertise on your part.

The alerts reaching managers on the ground will start generating savings almost immediately. This means particularly rapid returns on your investment. One mining company saved US$ 470,000 on its fuel costs the first year it used Optimizer.