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Our Optimizer solution is suited to the varied challenges that mining operations are facing—raw material price fluctuations, operating costs, environmental and safety concerns, etc.—and is helping mining companies to tackle them, enjoy significant savings and take their competitiveness to the next level.

An energy-saving plan tailored to your operation

Our expert team is here to support your action plans with their monthly audits which are focused on one goal: optimizing your energy consumption.

A tool to identify energy-intensive hotspots and unusual consumption patterns

Our solution aggregates and cross-references data from a variety of sources, then generates the indicators you need to find cost-cutting opportunities fast.

Custom alerts to keep you informed

You can also use this solution to drive change. It can supply your site manager, maintenance supervisor and everyone else at your mine with personalized alerts relating directly to their activity, so they can easily identify and deal with anomalies in their department’s energy consumption.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Optimizer calculates your CO2 emissions for you, to give you essential insights that will help you reduce your environmental impact.

See how much you could save

Estimated savings with OPTIMIZER:

* On Board Computer

Disclosure: This simulator allows you to see estimated savings from Optimizer based on the figures that you have entered. We calculate these savings from examples of current Optimizer clients. The estimate given is in no way guaranteed and/or contractual.