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Sustainable development, international expansion and digital technology are reshaping the construction sector—and our Optimizer solution can help you rise to the new challenges that those trends are bringing about with a 100%-digital solution that you can access anywhere worldwide to optimize your energy consumption.

Manage your energy consumption

This solution will help you track progress on your energy-saving plans with simple and specific performance indicators to track your consumption as soon as you start taking cost-cutting measures.

Stay in touch with your resources, wherever you are

You can check your jobsite’s energy consumption on our solution’s web-based mobile visualization platform. In other words, Optimizer’s reliable, secure reports are available anywhere, anytime.

Optimize subcontractor management

Optimizer will also give you the hard data you need to manage your agreements with subcontractors more effectively, with targeted performance indicators to assess their crews’ efficiency.

Analyze consumption in detail

The consumption data for each machine, area and type of use will help you improve operation productivity across the board. You can use your custom dashboard to define KPIs for each of your departments.

See how much you could save

Estimated savings with OPTIMIZER:

* On Board Computer

Disclosure: This simulator allows you to see estimated savings from Optimizer based on the figures that you have entered. We calculate these savings from examples of current Optimizer clients. The estimate given is in no way guaranteed and/or contractual.