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Sustainable development is bringing about new opportunities as well as new challenges in the cement industry. Optimizer is an efficient and effective tool to tap into those opportunities, tackle those challenges, and eliminate pointless expenditures. Our digital solution helps you to easily pinpoint the areas that are consuming the most fuel, lubricants and electricity, and to prepare a targeted action plan to deal with them.

A custom energy-saving plan

Our experts will prepare and send you monthly audits to help you identify any abnormal consumption patterns or peaks, and suggest practical measures to effectively optimize your energy consumption.

Multi-energy management (fuel, lubricants, electricity)

These reliable monitoring tools and the efficient visualization platform simplify and speed up account reconciliation.

Precise energy consumption visualization

Optimizer gives you access to consumption data for each vehicle or machine, area and type of use. The custom dashboard and KPIs tailored to each of your departments will help you make smart choices to improve productivity in your operations.

A personalized alert system

The solution’s custom alert system provides all users with the information they need to monitor their activity at any time. Your plant manager, maintenance supervisor and everyone else in your operation will be able to easily identify and deal with anomalies in their energy department’s consumption.

See how much you could save

Estimated savings with OPTIMIZER:

* On Board Computer

Disclosure: This simulator allows you to see estimated savings from Optimizer based on the figures that you have entered. We calculate these savings from examples of current Optimizer clients. The estimate given is in no way guaranteed and/or contractual.