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Optimizer is more than a fuel management system: it gathers and cross-references all the energy consumption data available across your site to pinpoint specific cost-saving opportunities for your company. It is an all-digital monitoring solution that runs on a single, customizable interface developed by TotalEnergies teams.

This simple and smart management tool analyzes your site’s energy consumption for a range of products (fuel, lubricants and power) while using cutting-edge technology to generate insightful reports and trigger custom alerts based on your site’s needs. In other words, this unique digital solution will help you establish and roll out energy-saving action plans on a single and secure web-based platform that you can access anywhere, worldwide.


Optimizing energy savings

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Optimizer will enhance your site’s cost-efficiency and help you save 4 to 7%* off your energy consumption without investing heavily in any complex systems.

This is possible by plugging Optimizer into your existing systems to cross-reference data from a variety of sources (OEMs, FMSs, ERPs, Scada, etc.) and merge it into accurate and useful KPIs that you can use to start saving straight away. The solution can also help you track all the fuel and lubricants distributed at your site to give you a clear overview of consumption and help you identify overconsumption.

* estimate based on average savings reported by our customers

In every industry

Optimizer will work in any energy-intensive industrial company around the world. We designed it specifically for teams working on complex sites or liaising with various service providers and subcontractors.

Any company using high energy-consuming machinery or vehicles will benefit from Optimizer’s big data technology. It was created to measure your personalized KPIs and engineered to evolve in sync with your requirements. Because of this, we can tailor this solution to your site and goals.

infographie avec photo d'une mine en arrière-plan
infographie avec photo d'une mine en arrière-plan

Optimizer Presentation Video

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