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Optimizer and features
Optimizer and features

Presentation video of the Optimizer solution

Manage your energy consumption and prepare for your Energy and Carbon Transition Management Plan.

Optimizer provides a range of solutions designed to help mining, cement, and construction sites to control and manage their energy consumption with an innovative, easy-to-use solution that provides a quick return on investment. While improving productivity, Optimizer can also help to discover options to transit from fossil fuels to the most appropriate and cleaner energy source in the future. 

To achieve this Optimizer combines all of the existing data sources on site linked with energy usage into one easy-to-use dashboard, allows you to track your performance against your own KPI’s, and provides actions for you to take to improve your performance. Please get in touch with us and let us show you our products in action! 

Our goal

Optimizer is designed to help you in your main challenges regarding energy management and carbon transition.

Our offer

Optimizer is a simple, intuitive digital platform available is 3 versions adapted to your needs.

Success stories

Our solution adapts to every industry sector. Our goal is to support sites that want to reduce their energy costs without investing heavily in complex systems.

Our Story

The range of Optimizer solutions for industrial sites were created with three things in mind;

  • to lower your energy costs by eliminating wastage of energy,
  • improve production with your existing energy sources,
  • Gather accurate information on your future energy needs which will allow you to choose the most appropriate energy source for your energy transition.

To achieve this, we gather information from your existing data sources at site and combine it into an intuitive dashboard.

Our experience shows that our customers can start making significant savings by implementing easy-to-use solutions, which focus on the main overconsumption sources.

Optimizer has successfully been used by one of the world’s largest mining companies, notably allowing them to save up to 7% of fuel costs on site.