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At the very site that Optimizer was installed, the solution delivered value.

The gold mine asked Optimizer to help control the activities at the one area that the mine had little visibility of – the main haulage contractor.

9 million USD

annual fuel consumption

7% fuel savings

on contractor consumption

$ 400,000

annual savings

How Optimizer can contribute to generate savings?

Remote support, analyses and associated recommendations :

  • Ex: Advise to renegotiate contract with contractor to increase their speed and productivity (ex: from a paid per hour to a paid per hauled tons contract)
  • Ex: Initiate additional training sessions with eco-driving participants
  • Ex: Advise security to inspect specific areas at certain times of the day
  • Ex: Propose action plans built on monthly Optimizer’s newsletters

What they think about Optimizer

Mining Manager

“ Optimizer’s tools allow me to monitor my contractors’ activity and to negotiate contracts based on factual operational data. ”

Commercial Manager

“ This monitoring system is a tool I can use on a daily basis, this is both simple and detailed. ”

Security Manager

“ Thanks to Optimizer's team, I have saved 2 days of work on a fraud investigation. ”

Business Improvement Manager

“ Optimizer gives me the means to measure and assess the efficiency of our energy-saving plans. ”

Mobile Maintenance Manager

“ The Optimizer team has been very impressive with delivering quality outcomes on schedule. ”

General Manager

“ Thanks to Optimizer’s team, we can take advantage of all the data that we had so much trouble analyzing. ”


Newcrest Bonikro testimonial

Testimonial video

Watch testimonial

Alexis Forrest, the Supply Manager of the Bonikro Gold Mine in Ivory Coast (Newcrest Mining Limited), one of Optimizer's customers, explains why this solution is so important for them.