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The Flowz web application adds value to your entire organisation

Project or worksite manager

  • Real-time monitoring of equipment and facility usage
  • Increase the competences and improve the discipline of operators
  • Help in the daily management of the site

Site director

  • Reduction of fuel fraud
  • Reduction of energy-related operational costs
  • Time saving for operational staff and their supervisors

Equipment fleet managers and cost controllers

  • Monitoring of equipment fleet: use, maintenance, consumption, related emissions
  • Availability of energy expenses by activity, cost centre or charge account
  • Easier and better cost tracking

Benefits of the Flowz web application

Operational efficiency

  • Save time and increase reliability

  • Optimisation of consumption (fuel, lubricant): savings, avoided losses

  • Increased control over operations

    • machine / driver assignments

    • use of pumps and refuelling trucks in real time

    • compliance with start-up times, 

    • compliance with end of supply times on site

  • Correct execution of machine maintenance plans and associated lubrication

  • Notification on the basis of exceptions: alert in case of anomaly, inconsistency, notable error, etc.

  • Material balance by consumable: comparison of estimated closing stocks (end of day) with the day's operations and actual stocks



Easy access to data

  • Documented "equipment" and "energy" monitoring digitised at source

  • Availability of all captured data, in particular :

    • Distributions

    • Stock levels

    • Receipts

    • Alerts

    • Shifts - equivalent of shift sheets

    • Meter / odometer readings (mileage, running hours)

    • ...

  • For all users and managers: energy manager, equipment manager, site manager, management controller, etc.

  • Data can be easily queried using filters, search fields, etc.

  • Real-time data upload from the Flowz mobile application (subject to device connection)

Easy to use

  • Setup in just a few clicks

  • Easy to understand and learn

  • Simple administration & maintenance

  • Export data for personal use in 1 click (e.g. in Excel or PowerBI)


Find the complete features of the Flowz web application

  • Secure web access

  • Configuration based on 4 reference tables only:

    • Energy products and facilities, 

    • Equipment, 

    • Distributors, 

    • Receivers

  • Summary dashboard :

    • operations

    • material balance

  • Tables by energy consumable and by type of operation

  • Notification centre to gather alerts and process them

  • Management of users and their access and authorisations, with 4 different profiles:

    • admin,

    • manager,

    • viewer,

    • API (optional in the Flowz Expert plan)

  • Multilingual support (French and English for the moment)

  • Online documentation

  • User support