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Benefits for all stakeholders

Site managers

  • Access reliable, consistent, quality data to analyze your energy use and costs.
  • Accelerate feedback on your energy use.
  • Recover time for your staff, currently assigned to paper-based spreadsheet tasks, and entrust them with higher added value missions: analysis and control of your energy use, costs and associated emissions.

Depot managers

  • Have access to reliable, consistent, quality data to draw up your material balances, manage your stock and trigger your replenishment orders.
  • Be notified in the event of operator error.
  • Support the development of your operators' skills in the operation of your energy facilities


  • Demonstrate to your management that you are operating your area or equipment properly.
  • Keep track of your start and finish times: status of installations, levels, meters, etc.
  • Simplify relations with counterparties (receivers or distributors) to your transactions.

The advantages of the Flowz mobile application


  • No more receipt/distribution slips, shift sheets and sign-in sheets
  • Detection and limitation of erroneous data
  • Secure transactions: you know who captured the data and who approved the transaction




  • Cover all your day-to-day energy operations
  • Cover all your energy usage, whether for your own needs or those of your contractors (if you supply energy consumables to your contractors)
  • Track your fixed (receiving or distribution pumps, storage tanks or bins, workshops) and mobile (refuelling truck, maintenance truck, lubrication caravan, etc.) energy installations


  • Data captured in offline mode is downloaded as soon as a connection is active
  • Install Flowz easily and without payment on your Android devices
  • Consult the free-access help and ask the TotalEnergies team if you need help


Find the complete features of the Flowz mobile application

  • Capture data at source in digital form
  • Data consistency check at input
  • Validation of transactions by entering a unique PIN code for the distributor and the receiver
  • Supports daily operations :
    • Opening
    • Receiving (incoming)
    • Stock levels
    • Distributions (outgoing)
    • Closing
  • Handling of stations and sectors, with assignment of operators to energy installations
  • Multi-product / multi-consumable energy management: fuels, combustibles, lubricating oils, fluids, bitumen, etc.
  • Support for contractors
  • Offline / online mode
  • Mobile
  • Available as a free download from Play Store
  • Online documentation
  • User suppor